Monday, February 27, 2012


So ESPN did a thing on eventing back in 2008. I feel lazy today so just watch the video and I will comment tomorrow (maybe) ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012


So, I don't feel the need to post any pictures of my horses, obviously for security reasons. I want everybody to see what my babies look like! So I have discovered The most mind-blowing and time wasting site ever! I just love it. So, here is Snickers. He does in-hand hunter, in-hand eventing, and TRICKS! We are learning to drive at the moment, too. So they don't have miniature horse or giant person on this software but I got his markings about right!
What a cutie! 
Once again, looks nothing like him!

So I thought that I would share this modern-day paper dolls website.

Fake Whinnies

I spent my entire weekend watching old horse movies. My new favorites include Interational Velvet and Sylvester (both of which I recommend for eventers). I noticed that the further in time one goes back, the more realistic horses on TV become. I know of a show that my friends and I love to watch (yes we love this G-Rated kids show): The Saddle Club. If you are not familiar with the Saddle Club (TSC), then you have missed out! Here are some exapmples of the show, which is from Austrailia.
official site
Theme Song
Lisa Falls
Horse Show
Best TV series ever right?! I love watching all of the "drama". The one thing that really eats at my skin is the fact that every time a horse yawns a whinny comes out! That is not how it works people!!! horse yawn See! Oh well I guess it can be over looked...

Thursday, February 16, 2012


   As a horse person I have come across PLENTY of know it all's. Most were less experienced as I was, even when I just started to ride! They come at you when you least expect it. Hey, maybe they could be right! But then again, maybe not... 
    On one particular occasion a friend of mine told me that I was trailering my horses wrong. He said that I needed to leave my drop-down windows down so that my horses could see out. I knew this was wrong! But he was SO convinced that this would help with stressful trailering that he tried it with his horses. Well a few thousand vet bills later and one eyeball short on one of his horses later... yeah. You get the point. 
    It isn't only in the real world that we find know-it-alls. As most of us know, forums and blogs (ironic right?) are FULL of know-it-alls. People hiding behind their computer and criticizing others. What is really bad is saying bad things about a sport that you have no idea about! People rat on saddle seat, eventing, hunters, dressage, and even HALTER! What is this insanity about halter horses?!?! I found a disturbing article on the famous fugly horse of the day blog ( which I LOVE to read!). The article talks about how useless halter horses are and just- UGH! Here read over it yourself: The article is originally talking about slaughter but then goes off on other things. Read it? Good. Here is my experience with halter horses. I used to board at private facility with my old pony. They bred appaloosa horses and had some world champs standing at stud. Those horses got ridden everyday. They worked on hills, did trails, some even jumped! They had as much turnout as they wanted but after about 5 hours they were at the fence ready to go back in. They were versatile, (points in DRESSAGE, hello!) athletic, and beautiful. Not even spoiled! 
    Another know it all REALLY pinched an anoyance nerve the other day. The last post made on was this: Just so that you know I own a book printed in the 1970s called The World Of Horses (or something like that). The picture in question here was in the eventing section by an article talking about how dangerous it is. Back in the day, horse boots, good helmets, and protective vests were NOT available. Today, to compete helmets and vests are required. Any person, even a non horsey person, can tell that this is from an earlier time. But not this person. They absolutely verbally rip apart this person for ruining a perfectly good horse. Point made? Alright everybody have a great weekend and give your horse a cookie for me! Buh-bye!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm here!

So, as hard as I have tried to make a blog this time I WILL SUCCEED! I won't be able to post everyday because of show but, I promise it to be fun to read! I will cover the subject of whatever crosses my radar that particular day! Yeah, nobody is going to read this but... oh well!