Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dusty Trails Horse Rescue

   Dusty Trails horse rescue center is located on a farm in Alabama. They take on severe cases as requested by law enforcements. Not only do they provide a safe environment for their horses, but they have the smarts to became an established organization. As I was scrolling through their website I noticed that under Available they had four options listed: Donkeys/Mules, Mares, Geldings, and Stallions. WHAT?! OK, respect lost right? Wrong. In all of my fury I clicked the link, and just what did I see?

"All stallions coming to DTHR will be gelded (castrated) before adoption."

   Do I hear singing angels? Hallelujah! Whoopee! Hurrah! Thank you so much DTHR for your wonderful knowledge into equine society. As I was exploring I also saw that they had an Arabian stallion in rehab. Another smart thing that they did was place him into an experienced foster home and are waiting until he is healthier and calmer to geld him. Three cheers for DTHR!

      However on the other end of the spectrum lies the little known rescues, good and bad. I have come across many nice, small facilities that were positively remarkable. I have ALSO found some people whose stabling/living conditions were unacceptable, no matter how good intentions were. I found some pictures from a user in HGS forum. Turns out they "rescue" these horses. It seems as thought he user has some knowledge about horses (food, water, some handling)  but they seem to miss the obvious things like fencing, halter fit, grooming (I have yet to find one picture where these horses aren't caked in mud and manure), and the fact that their feet should be rotten with thrush with all that muck they are standing in! There is hardly a dry place for them to stand, at the back of the paddock (which is too small) is a "grassy" area that is teeny-weeny.
 First Picture Posted (at this point I am giving the benefit of the doubt)

Note the horse's tail draaaaaging on the ground with burrs in it

Horse looks better but that fencing! Call me a snob but EWWWW! Plus all that debris is dangerous!


   Truly the horses really did get better overtime, but the conditions of the farm never did. But, I can't complain too much because I know that they are all in a better place and much healthy/happier at the moment.

    From good rescues to rescues that need rescuing, hard work pays off in the end. Later on this week: a post/rant about non-horsey morons people.

The HGS rescue is located just south of... Ignorantopia!

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