Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You have got to be kidding me...

      Terribly sorry about my recent spike in YouTube rants on the horse world but I really can't seem to stop watching them! Wow, it is so hard to believe how STUPID people can be! There are so many things wrong with this here. I mean, what was that moron thinking?! Every sane (true) horse person knows that horses and concrete don't mix. So why, for the love of pickles, did this guy think that these poor creatures could walk across TILE? I have a hard time my self traversing my small bathroom floor, and I don't weigh Lbs. Oh, wait a minute, what is that whistling sound? Oh yeah, that's right, what I am hearing is the steam pouring out from my ear holes! I find it very hard to find (appropriate) words to describe the way I feel right now. This was the result of one of two things:
1. Ignorance- Which is why I strongly believe in equine education (for the human of course)
2. Idiotic noggin overload- Dur! I don't care about my horses, durrrr, they are just like cars right?
    Come on, people! We can do so much better than this! Why must we not cater to the needs of the animal that not only relies on us for survival, but has carried our fat, lazy butts into battle for thousands of years! (not to mention loyally worked themselves to death and help build society as we know it)

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